The Couple

Joshua Stowers and Anastasia Krisan met at Austin College. They bonded quickly as friends and began dating by the end of freshman year. Throughout college they supported each other in everything - Anastasia helped Joshua out with statistics while Joshua encouraged Anastasia to find something that interested her more than biology.

After studying abroad in Germany, successfully passing all of their classes, and building on their relationship, they graduated from college. Despite having degrees in completely different fields, both Anastasia and Joshua began their careers in the technology industry.

Their love for each other has grown over the past 5 and a half years and are wholly committed to one another.

When & Where

3pm on January 14th, 2018 at Our Lady of Grace: 223 East Summit San Antonio, Texas 78212

Reception to follow at Magnolia Gardens on Main: 2030 N Main Ave San Antonio, TX 78212

Wedding Party

Laura Adams-Leverett

Maid of Honor

Evan Scott Gray

Best Man

Natasha Krisan


Elliott Stowers


Jessica Schneider


Lawrence Stowers